Symposium honoring Professor Marvin Zelen

7-8 May 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

We would like to thank the members of the scientific and organizing committees,
the invited speakers, and all the participants who contributed to the success of
the Symposium honoring Professor Marvin Zelen.

Pictures of the whole event will be soon available at the following link:

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The Symposium took place at Thessaloniki Greece, starting mid-day on Sunday 7 through Monday 8 of May 2017, prior to the 9th EMR-IBS and Italian Region Conference (8-12 May 2017, Thessaloniki Greece), which was also dedicated to Prof. Zelen’s legacy. The two-day Symposium honoring Professor Marvin Zelen, was organized by Frontier Science Foundation-Hellas and co-sponsored by all Frontier offices.
Marvin was a pioneer in the field of Biostatistics, Professor and exceptional member of the Harvard School of Public Health community, founder of FSTRF, but above all a mentor for scientists working in medical statistics and research. All of us who had the privilege of knowing Marvin will always work to further his legacy.

The Symposium celebrated his memory and unique contributions in science.

Marvin and Thelma Zelen Assistant/Associate Professorship

Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee

Invited Speakers