Meeting celebrating 15 years of Frontier Science Foundation-Hellas, Cape Sounio, Athens, 12-14 May 2023

We are celebrating 15 years of Frontier Science Foundation-Hellas!
The anniversary meeting took place at Cape Sounio, Athens, Greece, during the second weekend of May 2023 (12-14 May).
A two day event included celebratory talks and lectures for a total of 2-4 hrs per day on a range of biostatistical topics along with Real-World and Big Data.
Fifteen years ago, Rani Dafni had the privilege to co-found Frontier Science Foundation-Hellas with Marvin Zelen with the unwavering support of Steve Lagakos, who shared our vision of creating a Frontier office in Greece.
Many other people contributed to the success of Frontier-Hellas, first and foremost Thelma Zelen and Rich Gelber. Aron Goldhirsch, and Constantine Gatsonis, among others, also provided crucial support.
The defining moment for our work came when Rolf Stahel shared his vision with us, and our collaboration of 11 years so far, let us grow along with ETOP.
We celebrate everything accomplished so far and we look forward to all there is to come.